Security Cameras and Systems
 Louisville, KY

Smart Life offers industry-leading business security cameras and systems that meet and exceed the unique needs and requirements of our customers. Our video surveillance solutions are meticulously selected, professionally installed, and backed by local, on-premise technicians. On-going, remote service and support is available with every video surveillance solution we install.

Security Camera System Installation

  • IP and Analog CCTV Camera Systems
  • Security Cameras
    • Indoor and Outdoor
    • HD, 2K, 4K, High-Resolution
    • Dome, Turret, 360° Fisheye, Bullet, Specialty
    • Infrared (IR), Audio, Thermal, PIR
  • VMS (Video Management Servers/Software), Cloud Controllers
  • NVRs (Network Video Recorders), Servers
    • Analytics
      • Motion Detection
      • Object, Facial Recognition
      • Line-Crossing, Counting, Thermal
    • Storage
      • On-Premise, Expandable Storage
      • Export and Off-Site Storage
  • PoE Injectors
  • Power Supplies, Backup Power
  • Surge Protection

Security Camera System Integration

  • Mobile Apps and Off-Premise Web Browsers
  • On- and Off-Premise Monitors
  • Access Control Systems
  • Paging and Mass Notification Systems
  • Fire and Safety Systems

We look forward to earning your business ...and your trust.

Security Cameras and System Services

Not only does Smart Life offer initial sales and consultation of security cameras and systems, we also offer a number of services to bring your systems added value. After the initial installation of your video surveillance system, we offer integration services, maintenance agreements, off-site storage, and more.

  • Consultation Services
  • Installation Services
  • Configuration Support
  • System Integration
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Cloud-Based Storage Solutions
  • Upgrades and Expansion
  • Training Programs
  • Troubleshooting Services

Security Camera System Use Cases
  • Security and Loss Prevention
  • Employee and Visitor Safety
  • Operational Monitoring and Efficiency
  • Liability Protection
  • Loss Recovery and Insurance Benefits

Security Camera System Innovations
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analytics
  2. Cloud-Based Storage
  3. Facial Recognition Technology
  4. Video Analytics for Business Intelligence
  5. Integration with Other Systems

Cut costs, secure your business and drastically simplify overall business security. Minimize your business' liabilities and manage employee productivity. Smart Life will help you to compare options and provide you with a competitive estimate for a turn-key commercial video surveillance solution.

We look forward to earning your business ...and your trust.

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