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Smart Life optimizes local business' connectivity by reselling premium internet services from Spectrum Business, AT&T Business, and other renowned providers. Bringing the reliability and performance of Spectrum Business and AT&T Business Internet, our customers get the same high-speed connectivity as going direct, but with expert support and seamless implementation. We manage the ISP for your business, from the moments before installation to unplanned outages, should they occur. Choose Smart Life for top-tier internet services and gain a trusted partner dedicated to optimizing your business' connectivity, fostering it's growth, and providing personalized support tailored to your business' specific needs.

We look forward to earning your business ...and your trust.

Spectrum Business

Spectrum Internet Only Plans

  • Spectrum Business Internet
    Reliable high-speed internet with various speed options tailored to small business needs.
  • Spectrum Business Internet Ultra
    Faster speeds for businesses with higher data demands.
  • Spectrum Business Internet Gig
    Gigabit-speed internet for maximum performance.

Spectrum Business Bundles

  • Spectrum Business Internet & Phone
    Combine high-speed internet with reliable business phone service.
  • Spectrum Business Internet & TV
    Bundle internet with a variety of TV options for a comprehensive business solution.

Spectrum Advanced Features

  • Static IP addresses
    Essential for businesses needing a consistent IP address for hosting services.
  • Business WiFi
    Secure and reliable WiFi solutions for customer-facing businesses.

AT&T Business

AT&T Internet for Business

  • AT&T Business Fiber
    High-speed fiber-optic internet for optimal performance and reliability.
  • AT&T Business Internet
    Broadband internet solutions for small businesses.

AT&T Business Bundles

  • AT&T Business Fiber Internet & Phone
    Combine fast internet with reliable business phone services.
  • AT&T Business Fiber Internet & TV
    Bundle internet with a variety of TV options for a comprehensive business solution.

AT&T Security and Productivity Tools

  • AT&T Internet Security Suite
    Protect your business with advanced cybersecurity tools.
  • AT&T Office@Hand
    Cloud-based communication and collaboration tools for enhanced productivity.

We look forward to earning your business ...and your trust.

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