We design and install cutting edge IP Paging systems and integrations with maximum functionality and capability. When you leverage the power of cloud-based UCaaS systems, such as RingCentral Office or AT&T Office@Hand, or even have an older analog system that you want to start upgrading, a logical solution is integrating IP paging and IP Intercom functionality into your business.

Lots of places such as schools, businesses, hospitals, and factories use mass notification paging systems.

IP Paging is a more powerful version of standard analog notification systems. IP Paging can be combined with your VoIP phone system and data networks. This is what’s known as IP convergence and it will significantly increase the efficiency of the technology you already have in place.

Traditional zoned paging systems are proprietary, inflexible, and not easily managed. They don’t exactly play well with newer IP- and cloud-based solutions either.

Targeted Communication

The abilities of an IP Paging system are not limited like traditional systems. IP Paging is not only a common system for all public announcements and emergency alerts but it allows you to target messages to specific telephones, speakers, or areas of the building.

This is accomplished, for example, by the IP Paging system’s ability to assign public address speakers a unique address.

System Benefits

Having an efficient paging system is not a top priority for most management teams but a properly installed system allows you to quickly communicate with your mobile workers, lessen hold times for callers, offer instant emergency notifications and more.

Also, being able to designate a particular zone for a page will emphasize to employees that they need to pay particular attention to that message. IP Paging systems are a great tool to improve the work flow of your organization which will also benefit your customer’s experience.

CyberData SIP Outdoor Intercom

The SIP Outdoor Intercom delivers two-way communication and secure access control for your VoIP phone system. These devices are perfect for settings such as commercial/residential facilities, schools and universities, retail establishments, warehouse and manufacturing plants, SMB, parking garages and shipyards and so much more.

CyberData SIP Outdoor Intercom with Video

This outdoor intercom with h.264 video connects to your VoIP phone system providing clear two-way audio, visual confirmation and secure access control. This device is constructed to protect it from vandalism while the weatherproofing protects it from your elements. If you are looking for an easy to install, secure access control intercom with camera and built-in dry contact to trigger doors and gates, this is it.

CyberData SIP Call Button

The SIP Call Button is a reliable solution for a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement. It can be mounted under a desk, on a wall, or in a discrete location. If an event takes place, the user depresses the button. The Call Button automatically makes a call to a pre-set phone or extension number. When the called number answers, the Call Button plays and repeats a stored audio file. This stored audio file is uploaded by the administrator to meet the needs of the installed location.

In a Singlewire InformaCast environment, the SIP call button registers to the Cisco Call Manager as a third party SIP endpoint. When the Call Button is depressed it makes a call to the Cisco Call Manager and the Singlewire InformaCast software detects that call and initiates an event.

CyberData SIP Paging Server with Bell Scheduler

The SIP Paging Server with bell scheduler enables users, through a single SIP extension, to access up to 100 zones for paging and bell scheduling for your VoIP phone system.

The SIP Paging Server has a built in bell scheduler that enables, through a secure web interface, scheduled bells and prerecorded messages to be sent to different multicast zones as well as to legacy analog paging systems.

CyberData SIP Paging Zone Controller with 4-Port Audio Out

The CyberData SIP Paging Zone Controller with 4-Port Audio Out enables access to existing paging speakers through a VoIP phone system. The interface is designed to use a standard paging amplifier with 10K ohm audio inputs and supports paging to up to 15 zone groups from a VoIP phone.

CyberData Multicast VoIP Microphone

The CyberData Multicast Microphone is a device that allows the user, while pressing the "Page" button, to broadcast a live or buffered announcements directly to VoIP audio endpoints that support Multicast. This PoE-powered product is perfect for immediate live paging in schools, retail stores and manufacturing environments. In an echo sensitive environment, the delayed page support allows the user to record a message while the page button is depressed. Once the page button is released, the page will be sent.

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