Intercom & Overhead Paging

Smart Life partners with CyberData to bring to you the cutting edge design and functionality of an IP Paging solution. When installing a VoIP System, a logical addition would be IP paging and IP Intercom functionality. When using CyberData IP paging endpoints, such as IP speakers and IP intercoms, they function as any other SIP endpoint would, giving you mass notification capability from any SIP phone on your VoIP network.

When installing a new VoIP system with no existing intercom or paging structure, IP paging makes sense. Your VoIP system is your communication backbone inside your organization and in these times, you need a way to communicate to the masses quickly. Using IP speakers connected to your phone system, you can communicate to your entire company or specific zones of your company as easy as dialing an extension. If you already have an analog paging infrastructure in your building, using an IP paging zone controller you can bridge your existing analog paging infrastructure to your VoIP system to get the ease of use and functionality of an IP paging system without the added cost of replacing your infrastructure.

About CyberData

CyberData was established in 1974 in California as an OEM design and manufacturing firm. CyberData manufactures equipment for companies such as Epson, Dell, HP, and Symbol.

Why buy CyberData?

  • Best in class QA on all CyberData IP paging products
  • CyberData IP paging uses existing IP networks, connects remote buildings, and has quicker installation than traditional systems.
  • Easy access to CyberData post sales tech support with serial #

Lots of places such as schools, businesses, hospitals, and factories use mass notification paging systems.

IP Paging is a more powerful version of standard analog notification systems. IP Paging can be combined with your VoIP phone system and data networks. This is what’s known as IP convergence and it will significantly increase the efficiency of the technology you already have in place.

Traditional zoned paging systems are proprietary, inflexible, and not easily managed. Oh, and they don’t exactly play well with your new IP PBX either. IP Paging Systems, like anything else that is IP-based, offer much greater flexibility than their analog counterparts.

IP networking allows you to:

  • Converge all of your separate communication systems into a singular unit.
  • Greatly increase organizational efficiency.
  • Reduce the number of user-interface devices.

Intercom & Overhead Paging

Targeted Messaging

The abilities of an IP Paging system are not limited like traditional systems. IP Paging is not only a common system for all public announcements and emergency alerts but it allows you to target messages to specific telephones, speakers, or areas of the building.

This is accomplished, for example, by the IP Paging system’s ability to assign public address speakers a unique address.

Intercom & Overhead Paging

Types of IP Paging Equipment

IP Paging equipment is available to provide flexible zoning and enhanced speaker capabilities that do not require your existing investment to be discarded.

Hybrid solutions are possible and a great solution for allowing greater flexibility and better use of resources.

The types of IP Paging devices available to upgrade your system are:

  1. Legacy Device Connectivity

    Products that help in the migration to VoIP.

  2. Added Device Connectivity

    Products that enable additional functions to be integrated into a VoIP system.

  3. Mainstream VoIP Products

    Devices that support a VoIP system installation.

Intercom & Overhead Paging

Don’t have paging? What are the benefits?

Having an efficient paging system may not be a top priority for most management teams but a properly installed system allows you to quickly communicate with your mobile workers and will lessen hold times for internal and external calls.

Also, being able to designate a particular zone for a page will emphasize to employees that they need to pay particular attention to that message. IP Paging systems are a great tool to improve the work flow of your organization which will also benefit your customer’s experience.

Intercom & Overhead Paging

Two Paging Methods

In many new or existing VoIP deployments, integrating existing paging systems or deploying new IP based paging systems is becoming a much needed necessity.

We will first detail the two common methods that paging is delivered over an IP network:

  1. Unicast IP Paging
  2. Multicast IP Paging

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Smart Life | We have a 5-star Rating

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