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Smart Life has a slightly different approach to Help Desk services. Our goal is to be as available as possible for on-demand services that keep your operations moving as smoothly as possible. If your issue can't be resolved remotely, we'll show up at your location — usually within 24 hours.

Local Support

We do help desk a bit differently. Our help desk is comprised of a small team of local engineers always ready to quickly and efficiently aid with your support needs.

Most tickets we receive are handled remotely, during your first call. We assess and analyze the issues at hand quickly and resolve your issue on the spot or schedule immediate on-site support as required.

Priority Service

We understand that your business can come to a halt when software or hardware isn’t functioning properly. Our top priority is to find resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible and be there to work through your problems by phone or in-person, as necessary.

Trusted Partnership

Our relationship with customers is personal and more than just a phone number with a random stranger on the other end. Our principles guide what we do and what we stand for as Smart Life employees-always putting the customer first.

Simple Pricing

In everything we do at Smart Life, we treat you like a person, not a number. Our competitors focus on strict escalation paths. We trust our team of engineers to find the right solution and we don’t have a complex tiered pricing model. You pay the same hourly rate every time.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Efficient, thorough, and permanent resolutions are what we expect from our team. We’re not just thinking about how your problem can be resolved for the moment, but for the long term. We’re here to educate and support you and your complete satisfaction essential.

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