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Preparing For The Unexpected

A good backup is usually the only viable solution when faced with sophisticated issues such as ransomware. A well-designed Backup & Disaster Recovery solution can help protect your business from these threats and maximize the uptime of your infrastructure. Smart Life is equipped with state of the art solutions that will ensure your sensitive and essential business data is protected at all times. Unfortunately, we can't always predict floods, tornados, and any other catastrophic events that can negatively impact business operations.

How It Works

The Smart Life team will meet with you to identify your unique business needs and specifications. From there, we'll begin to develop a backup and disaster recovery plan, based discussion, history and future plans. We create a solution that aligns with your business requirements so that your sensitive data is protected and stored safely. Smart Life has years of technical engineering expertise with both building and implementing backup & disaster recovery solutions for businesses of various sizes and industries. We will do the same for you.

Diverse Portfolio

Smart Life has a portfolio of solutions for backup and disaster recovery. We cater to your exact specifications and make intelligent recommendations. Whether you need a simple daily on-site backup or a data backup routine that's scheduled in 15 minute intervals, we will tailor the proper solution for your specific business. Data may be stored on-site and/or off-site in a remote data center. Data retention intervals can be specified by the needs of your business.

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