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We understand that your business suffers when your software or hardware isn’t functioning properly. Our top priority is to find the proper resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Computer Workstations & Servers

Workstations and Servers are the lifeblood of any business. When working properly, they enable you to efficiently conduct business and add a tremendous amount of value to your bottom line. When your workstation or servers stop working, your business grinds to a halt. With tools and resources at the ready to provide proper support for your workstation or server, Smart Life aims to keep day-to-day business running smoothly.

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Remote Monitoring & Management

Our sophisticated, state of the art Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) tool allows us to monitor the vitals of each individual system in real time. While other companies may wait for a call before troubleshooting issues of critical or minor scale, Smart Life begins working to solve such problems right away.

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Backup & Failover

As technology improves, it is becoming more and more difficult to protect your data and sensitive information. Unfortunately, a good backup is sometimes the only real solution when faced with highly intelligent issues such as ransomware, a virus that infects and encrypts files, causing organizations and users to pay a fee for the encryption key to unlock the information you own. In this situation, a well-designed Backup & Disaster Recovery solution can help protect your business from these threats and maximize the uptime of your infrastructure.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) can be daunting and involves a set of policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of your business' vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. We focus on the technology and systems supporting your business' critical business functions to deliver business continuity. We keep your business functioning despite unexpected and disruptive events.

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Network Security

Smart Life is equipped to align connectivity, security, & reliability with your organization’s overall technical and business objectives. By deploying a toolbox of resources and skilled technicians, we will analyze your entire network infrastructure and make updates and security improvements where needed.

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Network Optimization

Quality of service (QoS) is the description and measurement of overall performance of an application or service, such as a VoIP phones system, camera surveillance system, Point of Sale (POS) solution or other cloud computing service, over your business network. Several aspects of a network service are considered, such as packet loss, bit rate, throughput, transmission delay, availability, jitter, etc. When configured properly, QoS can make dramatic improvements in Users' experience and the efficiency of any network.

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Recent Projects

Local, regional and global customers count on us every day. Here are some of our recent projects.

Limbwalker Tree Service

Limbwalker Tree Service is the tree expert in Louisville and surrounding areas. The company has seen a good deal of success over the years. This success has meant more employees and assets - trucks, tools, and machinery. After-hours theft of these assets was becoming a nuisance, inconvenient and costly so the business' leaders looked to Smart Life for an advanced IP audio and video surveillance solution... To be continued.

TravelEx Currency Services

TravelEx Currency Services is a foreign exchange company headquartered in London, England. The company recently initiated a complete office refurbishment that included an optimization of office space and technology upgrade to support more employees and their business requirements with a fresh and unique approach to production moving forward. The upgrade included an army of Cisco Meraki wireless access points and structured cabling.

VDI (Vacuum Depositing, Inc.), Louisville, KY

VDI (Vacuum Depositing, Inc.) is a manufacturing company located in Louisville, KY. The company's recent upgrade to business VoIP technology elicited an upgrade to their overall communications solution which included the implementation of a robust, facility-wide overhead paging and notification solution.

Fineline Printing Group, Indianapolis, IN

Fineline Printing Group is an industry-leading commercial printing company located in Indianapolis, IN. The company's continual evolution and innovation, and embrace of technology, has driven their growth. Recent HIPAA compliance upgrades to video surveillance and analytics are propelling them towards even greater success.

Hanna Andersson, Louisville, KY

Hanna Andersson is a large-scale manufacturer and retailer of fine clothing with a dominating presence around the globe. The company's facilities required a solution to deliver schedule-driven notifications over it's existing overhead paging and public address system, also tied into their telecommunications solution.

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