We're an AT&T Solution Provider

What that means for you is really good news.

We've partnered with KSJ Communications to offer you decades of experience consulting with thousands upon thousands of AT&T customers all over the United States. Every industry, every size business. We know AT&T really well, have internal contacts and solid relationships, as well as an AT&T Alliance - an entire channel of dedicated AT&T resources - that are here to help your business pursue success.

We work for you, consulting in an unbiased manner, determining your business needs and requirements, and the options that are best for your company. We work with your assigned AT&T account team, too. We include service after the sale and other solutions to keep your business, and the technology behind it, running smoothly and efficiently.

AT&T Products and Services

  • Mobility
  • 5G for Business
  • Internet and Networking
  • Internet of Things
  • Voice and Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud
  • DIRECTV for Business

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AT&T Industry Solutions

AT&T Business provides industry specific, edge-to-edge solutions that help deliver breakthrough customer experiences while keeping your business ahead of the digital curve.

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation

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Let's meet, get to know each other, and discuss your business needs and requirements.

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What's an AT&T Solution Provider?

An AT&T Solution Provider is a certified and authorized partner of AT&T that offers sales, support, and all matters relative to AT&T products and services. We leverage a large, dedicated alliance channel of available resources. We apply our expertise and experience to navigating, supporting, and often complimenting, the impressive portfolio of AT&T Business Solutions.

Our unique partnership with AT&T will give you and your team the confidence necessary to focus on business, not the technology that you're reliant on to operate smoothly and efficiently. You can be confident that you're working with a truly dedicated, locally-accessible, unbiased AT&T Solution Provider with the tools and resources necessary to handle all things AT&T.

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Recent Projects

Local, regional and global customers count on us every day. Here are some of our recent projects.

Limbwalker Tree Service

Limbwalker Tree Service is the tree expert in Louisville and surrounding areas. The company has seen a good deal of success over the years. This success has meant more employees and assets - trucks, tools, and machinery. After-hours theft of these assets was becoming a nuisance, inconvenient and costly so the business' leaders looked to Smart Life for an advanced IP audio and video surveillance solution... To be continued.

TravelEx Currency Services

TravelEx Currency Services is a foreign exchange company headquartered in London, England. The company recently initiated a complete office refurbishment that included an optimization of office space and technology upgrade to support more employees and their business requirements with a fresh and unique approach to production moving forward. The upgrade included an army of Cisco Meraki wireless access points and structured cabling.

VDI (Vacuum Depositing, Inc.), Louisville, KY

VDI (Vacuum Depositing, Inc.) is a manufacturing company located in Louisville, KY. The company's recent upgrade to business VoIP technology elicited an upgrade to their overall communications solution which included the implementation of a robust, facility-wide overhead paging and notification solution.

Fineline Printing Group, Indianapolis, IN

Fineline Printing Group is an industry-leading commercial printing company located in Indianapolis, IN. The company's continual evolution and innovation, and embrace of technology, has driven their growth. Recent HIPAA compliance upgrades to video surveillance and analytics are propelling them towards even greater success.

Hanna Andersson, Louisville, KY

Hanna Andersson is a large-scale manufacturer and retailer of fine clothing with a dominating presence around the globe. The company's facilities required a solution to deliver schedule-driven notifications over it's existing overhead paging and public address system, also tied into their telecommunications solution.

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