Smart Life is a privately-owned and operated, full-service, business technology and networking solutions provider. Upon our formation in early 2014, we partnered with industry-leading communications and networking enterprises to deliver a better experience to small and mid-size businesses in need of general IT consulting and technical services.

These IT consulting and technical services have evolved over the years. Today, we're typically consulting customers in all areas of digital transformation, connectivity, mobile readiness and, most recently, addressing the surge in remote working and collaboration.

Our goal is to understand where our customers stand today and uncover the technological and operational challenges that may be holding them back. From there, we spring into action and work with these customers to take their business to the next level, eliminating obstacles along the way.

Because we aim to have a lasting, positive impact on these fellow businesses, from our initial discussions to planning, installation, and support years later, you can have confidence that we'll be here when service and expertise matter most.

From WAN connectivity to the management of network hardware, such as routers, switches, and servers, telephones, computers, and cameras, we're competent and excel in many critical areas of business IT and technology, working tirelessly to keep our business customers operating efficiently and effectively.

We also serve as outsourced extensions of understaffed and/or geographically-challenged IT departments. For other IT Solutions Partners, Managed Service Providers and Systems Integrators, we even serve as "hot hands" — hands-on, local expertise.

We vow to deliver a customized, quality experience regardless of your business' unique needs and requirements.

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